Sublime-Samosa, RIP!

June 29, 2006

This is a resurrected blog. It’s previous avatar,, went down in a sea of fire, casualty of a historic flamewar with the minions of the RSS-Bollywood Complex.. yes you know who you are.. you may hate my guts, rail at my prose, and generally pee on my website, but the truth will jayate. every time i tell you;all the time. Scoundrels, and even though sublime-samosa may not exist any more, I solemnly promise, that for every rajeev srinivasan rant, and for every shaki-kapoor audio-tape, a thousand dishkyaons will resound, their message echoing through the ether, their bullets piercing the fluff, getting to the heart of the hype, the core of the Kakoose as they say in tamil-nadu, sort of like salman rushdie getting hit by copies of his satanic verses, as in this clip, from the ever excellent, i applaud the action, but deplore the sentiment.

Take that you funditva-vadis! DISHKYAOON!


2 Responses to “Sublime-Samosa, RIP!”

  1. hickadoola Says:


  2. To use the late great Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan’s words, “Badava, rescaaalll!”.

    How come I wasn’t notified that the makers of Sublime Samosa that their new blog was out there? I had to actually google stuff to find out. Do you know how hard that is?

    “Mai Gaaaaadd!!”

    Anyway, welcome back, and I hope to keep reading interesting rants and funny stuff.

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